Our Story

The founders of Brookitch grew up in a diverse culture that is rich in tradition, values, and has a deep history in foods and dishes. As children, they watched as their parents enjoyed using a mixture of aromatic spices to create flavorsome dishes in the kitchen. This would eventually lead to the founders venturing into their own kitchens with these shared moments serving as a catalyst.

We pay homage to those traditions that have influenced our upbringings. At Brookitch we believe in cultivating unique salt-free seasonings from the finest spices. Each savory blend is a finely crafted combination of herbs and spices made to create a unique fusion of flavors which can be used on its own, or paired well together with your favorite seasonings. Simply put, our promise is to make the best seasonings from the best spices. We are obsessively passionate about producing the highest quality blends to simplify your cooking needs, so whether you know your way around a kitchen, or are just learning, our flavorful products will enhance any recipes, and is sure to please.